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Review of byers chiropractic center

    The experience I have had and continue to have with Dr. Byers and his staff has been nothing short of excellent. A treatment plan was given to me after the very first visit and I can tell a huge difference, already! Warm and friendly staff, ease of scheduling, quick results and effective treatment. 10 stars in my book.

    Morgan G.

    While moving our family to Waynesville I did something that threw my back out. (But I’ve also had issues with my back since I was pregnant with our youngest). I called Dr. Byers’s office on a Friday afternoon and they brought me in right away. I couldn’t stand up straight I was in so much pain. By Monday I could stand up normal again and by the end of the week I was pain free.Two weeks later I am better than I was prior to hurting it! We’ve been doing so much work getting our house ready to list as well as unpacking at our new home and I keep thinking, “I’m going to be sore tomorrow!” But that isn’t the case. I couldn’t be more grateful to Dr. Byers and Lara the administrative assistant. They have been so kind and I am beyond happy to have so much more mobility in my lower back. Life changer!!

    Ericka H.

    Today was my very first time ever seeing a Chiropractor. We are new to Waynesville, and I had been recommended to chiropractic care due to low back pain and tension in between my shoulders. I am a hair dresser of 14 years and a momma/wife. Standing for 10+ hours per day definitely takes a toll on your body. Dr. Byers made me feel comfortable, validated and safe. I was nervous, had no idea what to expect and he listened to me, spent time with me and I did not feel rushed whatsoever. His front desk staff was so kind and polite, I immediately felt welcome. I walked out of my appointment feeling better, not 100%, but it was only my very first appointment so that is to be expected. I will go back soon for more treatment and I am looking forward to it. Anyone in the area should make time with Byers Chiropractic Center.

    Heidi E.

    Great service, was having trouble sleeping due to shoulder, and back pain, and after 2 sessions was able to sleep all night with no pain in the morning.

    Jeremy F.

    Dr Byers is currently treating me for a neck injury received in a car accident. I initially did physical therapy at another facility, which helped immensely, but the pain returned after I stopped doing PT. Dr Byers did an assessment and came up with a treatment plan to give me long-lasting relief. I had never been to a chiropractor before and was a little nervous, but it has been a great experience. After several sessions, I am now pain free. I was amazed at how well it worked. Thank you Dr. Byers.

    Rebecca P.

    Is a great place, I am currently on the health program and has done amazing things in a month , still have long way to go but I will recommend to my friends and family that want to get healthy and chance their lives.

    Maria S.

    I have been seeing Dr. Jim Byers in Waynesville, OH for various issues for over 20 years now.Recently, I was experiencing significant pain in my knee caused by arthritis which was limiting my ability to walk let alone to do any type of exercise. I decided to go see Dr. Byers to see what he could do to help me out. Dr. Byers has been treating me for 5 weeks and the results are amazing. I am virtually pain free and am back to working out. I am very grateful and excited about getting back on my bike.

    Lynne C.

    I have had lower back surgery 10 years ago and I still suffer today . I have never tried a chiropractor because I always felt that if you mess with it my back will get irritated and hurt worse . I got so tired of the pain and the older I got the worse it felt , so I thought what can it hurt to give Jim a try ... Ok , so now I am a believer and I am kicking myself right now that I have procrastinated this long !! Thank you Jim for working with me and making me feel better"

    Jenny S.

    Dr. Byers is absolutely wonderful. I first went to see him when I was about 6 months pregnant with my daughter. I had been experiencing back pain and numbness. After just a couple visits, Dr. Byers had me feeling 100% better and I was sleeping more consistently throughout the night. I also believe his chiropractic care enabled me to have an extremely easy delivery with my baby. I was only in labor for 8 hours and I only had to push through 3 contractions (approximately 10 minutes). Due to his care, my body was in line with where I needed it to be and I’m truly grateful!

    Kelli C.

    I went in skeptical as Dr. Byers was my first chiropractic experience. I was experiencing back, neck and sciatica pain. Dr. Byers has a great attitude, which earned my trust in his approach very quickly. Because of that, now months later, I have no more sciatica pain and am managing my back and neck much better. I highly recommend Dr. Byers and his staff.

    Brian B.

    With my first experience I discovered excellent service and a friendly staff right here in my hometown. I would absolutely recommend this guy to anyone. He‘s great at what he does and he keeps me standing up straight and walking! His cleanse/ detox program is awesome and I would also recommend it as well, to anyone! He truly cares how you feel.

    Meredith S.

    The staff was very courteous and Dr Byers was very informational and explained everything that he was going to do to help with whatever problem that you have, also inform you what he would do to help you take care of any problem that you have. I would definitely recommend Byers Chiropractic Center to everyone!!

    scottg, Franklin, OH

    The adjustment/massage was perfect and much-needed! Thank you!

    jillw, Waynesville, OH

    Byers Chiropractic Center Thanks for the review... always glad to see you come in! Glad to see you have a web site ...


    Great idea to include text confirmation for appointments. I always feel better when I leave your office. Thank you!


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